Three socialisms

Statist, collectivist, associationist. The day of associationists is yet to come?

These three notions are developed by Stephen Yeo, in his historical account of socialism in Britain in the late C19: Stephen Yeo (2018), 'The three socialisms', ch. 2 of A new life - The religion of socialism in Britain 1883-1896. Alternatives to state socialism, A useable past,     vol 2, Brighton: Edward Everard Root, 30-103.

Libertarian socialism - a baby-boomer legacy.

Liberation. The landscape of the heart-mind. Alternative FoPs. Alternative RoPs. Formacion and formations.

Relate to - but not equated to - three spheres of #literacy:


More anon.

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Technologies are pervasive - digital, profoundly so.

Direct making of society in ordinary life is central.

Theorising is essential - organic intellectuals, yay!

The State is unavoidable but a pain in the arse.

Platforms are helpful - when user controlled.

Emotions and emotional skills are pivotal.

Facilitative practice is crucial.

Commons are fundamental.