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Anarcho? Associationist? Etc

Updated: Aug 29, 2018

Today I added the page #Platforms in a #pluriverse. This is a thinkpiece I wrote after a discussion with (Benjamin Mako Hill), a veteran of the free Software Foundation. I'd watched a video of a terrific talk he gave earlier this year at the FSF annual gathering, rallying the FLOSS masses to return to their libertarian roots in the face of deepening corporate encroachment into 'open software'. Not a moment too soon - Microsoft had bought the widely used open-source repository, GitHub, for $7.5bn just before I watched the video. I wondered why he didn't speak of coops.

In the following discussion I began to see how the #anarcho roots of 'open software' - more properly, free-libre open source software - differ from the #associationist or entrepreneurial or even consumerist roots of large parts of the coop tradition. #Commoning has a lot of threads, and the politics is by no means simple. Platforms in a pluriverse is just an opening sketch. Watch this space.

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