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A working list of patterns

The pattern-naming below is that of Bollier and Helfrich, work in progress (July 2018) in their federated wiki.


Their overall framing differs from FoP RoP (see pattern language - Alexander, Bollier & Helfrich) and the nature of the action that they contemplate is perhaps in a different mode (more institutional, less experiential). But these patterns are well-founded in cultural-historical study, and will in one form or another make an appearance in the FoP RoP architecture.



    Share the risks of provisioning
    Make & use together
    Honour care & decommodify work
    Pool & share
    Pool, cap & divide-up
    Pool, cap & mutualize
    Trade with price-sovereignty
    Use convivial tools
    Rely on distributed structures
    Produce cosmo-locally
    Creatively adapt & renew

Social life

    Cultivate shared purpose & values
    Strengthen the nested (Widen? Multiply? Deepen)
    Contribute freely (without coercion)
    Practice gentle reciprocity
    Ritualize togetherness
    Trust situated knowing (also: knowledge)
    Deepen communion with nature
    Preserve relationships in addressing conflicts
    Reflect on your peer governance

Peer governance
    Keep commons & commerce distinct
    Bring diversity into shared purpose
    Create semi-permeable membranes
    Assure consent in decision making
    Rely on heterarchy
    Relationalize property
    Honor transparency in a sphere of trust
    Share knowledge generously
    Finance commons provisioning
    Peer-monitor & use graduated sanctions

This threefold organisation differs in important ways from the threefold frame of Ostrom (resources/community/governance), which can be seen as an inappropriate, structural-functionalist categorisation. It can be seen as quite close to the threefold framing of commoning practices in foprop (curating/enjoying/stewarding - in this order) and both of these can be mapped into the core foprop landscape caegories: §1 material provisioning, §2 knowing and organising, §3 valuing and recognising (also in this order). More on this anon, in particular patterns.

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