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Three landscapes of material existence

Three spheres of activist literacy

The three landscapes constitute three broad, interweaving framings of the location of an activist (or any person) in the material world, which is to say, a framing of conditions for living an actual human life. They are understood as cycling necessarily in their turn to the top of the stack of awareness. All are mobilised skilfully and necessarily in activist practice.

All three landscapes are fully material, and thus are always already-present . . because it is the same body - the actor’s - that is necessarily present in all of them. Thus on one hand, no action in a landscape is without consequences in the others; and on the other hand, any action in any landscape may - with appropriate intention and skill - mobilise resources in another, which arise from quite different kinds of conditions and call upon quite different kinds of skills.



Figure 2: Three landscapes

Actions need not, of course , be conducted by persons alone. Typically actions are collective, and distributed, within some formation/s of practice, across persons. Typically too, objects have the force of actors, determining and conditioning the actions of persons through fiat, and - through the force of ‘boundary objects’ - enforcing or enabling the articulation of what might otherwise be taken to be distinct practices.

Each pattern in the language is a formulation of some #literacy in one or other landscape. The literacy is constituted in the capability to frame and practically resolve some clash of purposes arising in the everyday fabric of FoPs, out of a clash of RoPs.

Three landscapes of literacy in living and making are sketched on following pages:

  • §1 The material landscape of provision and access in the real economy.

  • §2 The cultural landscape of labour powers and formations.

  • §3 - The affiliative/aesthetic landscape of valuing and recognising.

NOTE: Below, and throughout the narrative listing, terms highlighted like this represent links to specific patterns. Currently, these generally are in development, and not presented on the website.

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