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FoP RoP : Core terms

FoP RoP is the visioning and capability-building project of all five component projects, woven together: Economy, Commoning, Platforming, History, Walking. FoP and RoP are the basic constructs that inform theorising in the project.

FoP RoP overall is about curating and stewarding tools for an expansive  and alive kind of practice, gardening an economy of material, intellectual and emotional commons for our grandchildren’s children

Forces of production

FoP RoP is about evolving Forces of Production (#FoP) in all spheres of living & working . . . building local, and knowledging global. Forces of production are understood as a thickly woven fabric of practices of #making, cultivating and curating, of many kinds, in many sectors.

The approach addresses, at its core, the making and articulating of a fabric, a material economy of use-values, a complex apparatus of humans and stuff, built through direct, self managed activity of working people as peer-to-peer coproducers, in all sectors of material, cultural and emotional life. #usevalueecon

Relations of production

FoP RoP is about bringing the forces of production under alternative Relations of Production (#RoP), through the skilful, reflective, liberation-oriented practice of collectives on all scales.

The approach pays core attention to the producing and reproducing of labour-power (= ‘culture’) and “the dance of knowing” that runs across many genres of practice. This is a diverse, mutualist economy of capability. It is a #pluriverse. #capabilityecon


Powers (plural) are at the centre of FoP RoP. And at the centre of powers - where they are originated and sustained - is the skilful or unskilful responding and mundane remaking that we do, in the emotional landscapes of ourselves and others.


In these landscapes arise . . . our active wantings and responses to not-having . . . our difficulty with short- or long-term historical movement . . . our difficulties or affinities with others who may or may not be like ourselves; our intentions and expectations, motivations and affiliations, projections and blindnesses; and our individual and collective capacity for the wise pursuit of wellbeing and freedom.

This is a moral economy, an intentional and well-informed husbanding and midwifing of the wellsprings of life (and anti-life), caring (and carelessness) and mindful (or mistaken) intention.


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