Common/s culture, affiliation & structure of feeling

Historians, socialism, affiliation, structure of feeling - The self-making of common/s culture in Britain, mid century

Raymond Williams - capturing & working with structures of feeling, in self-conscious cultural production, in politics . . #culturalmaterialism  #longrevolution

EP Thompson - ‘the moral economy of the crowd’  . . an ambivalent, volatile and by no means progressive phenomenon? But important in the ongoing self-making of the working class?

To be developed.

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Technologies are pervasive - digital, profoundly so.

Direct making of society in ordinary life is central.

Theorising is essential - organic intellectuals, yay!

The State is unavoidable but a pain in the arse.

Platforms are helpful - when user controlled.

Emotions and emotional skills are pivotal.

Facilitative practice is crucial.

Commons are fundamental.