1 Making the Living Economy

Robin Murray was a radical economist, social venturer and humane, inquiring, attentive listener who died in 2017. A group began meeting in 2018 to celebrate and develop his work, under the rubric Making the civil economy.

Links to Robin’s work are here.


The group's agenda includes the nature of ‘an economy’, the business of making one, and the historical, liberatory, evolutionary process of re-making economies - FoPs and RoPs, both, inseparably. This part of FoP RoP contains work related to those agendas, under these headings:


The following are placeholders:


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Technologies are pervasive - digital, profoundly so.

Direct making of society in ordinary life is central.

Theorising is essential - organic intellectuals, yay!

The State is unavoidable but a pain in the arse.

Platforms are helpful - when user controlled.

Emotions and emotional skills are pivotal.

Facilitative practice is crucial.

Commons are fundamental.